Hunt For A Cure

It’s time for our annual Hunt For A Cure! We’re hiding four bra’s around Cenla through the week of October 28th. Your mission is to listen to your favorite Lagniappe Radio Station and get daily clues to help you find the bra’s! Find one and bring it to the Lagniappe Studios at 92 West Shamrock in Pineville to claim your prize!

PLEASE DO NOT DESTROY ANY PROPERTY OR TRESPASS ON PRIVATE LAND WHILE LOOKING FOR THESE BRA’S. They’re not buried, they’re not hidden inside of walls, they’re usually in plain sight and on Public or participating advertisers property.

The next bra has been hidden! Here is the first clue for this week’s HUNT FOR THE CURE:

It’s hidden in a Parish you where may find as many Cajuns as country bumpkins.
Hidden just off a significant roadway.

The Hunt for the Cure is brought to you by: